Painted Rug

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Our stockist in Richmond, Texas, Susan Small, and her team at Multiplicity brought to life an old rug, using interlapping circles of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® to create a standout floor design! Using a circular piece of cardboard as their stencil, the group first drew the pattern with a pencil on the existing rug.

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They then began painting the circles with pure Chalk Paint® colors, returning later with the custom mixes.

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Once the colors had been laid, the group then had fun mixing all of Annie’s Chalk Paint® colors to create beautiful combinations.

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Susan’s team hard at work transforming the rug!

Susan's Iphone 1554 It came out great! What do you think? Leave us a comment below!Susan's Iphone 1543


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Paint Your Way – Texture

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More Samples

Every year around the holiday season, our Director of Education and Technical Support, Barb Skivington, takes advantage of some down time to re-read all of Annie Sloan’s current books. This year is a bit different however. Enlisting the help of her studio assistant (and daughter!), Molly Skivington, they started by categorizing Annie’s wide variety of different finishes and techniques. As they did so, Barb and Molly were inspired to paint their way through Annie’s books instead.

They started with texture, and fell in love with the variety of textured finishes that can be created with Chalk Paint® decorative paint.

They began by asking themselves, “what is texture?” defines texture as “the visual and especially tactile quality of a surface.” Applying this definition to the techniques and finishes seen in Annie’s books was relatively easy.

One type of texture found in Annie’s books is tactile, the kind you can feel. A beautiful example of that is The Chiffonier painted from Quick and Easy Paint Transformations. While you can see some texture, this piece is one of those that makes you want to reach out and touch it.Chiffonier


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Painted Garden Pots

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pots7Restor’d, our stockist in New South Wales, Australia, set us a lovely outdoor project all the way from down under!  Like most people, stockist Shani Smith loves the look of antique garden pots that look like they “have been aging gracefully in European gardens over hundreds of years.”  She wanted to get a similar look in her own garden, but was on a budget.  Using her creativity, Shani transformed simple, budget-friendly plastic pots from a local gardening store to authentic English garden pieces!  You can read more about how she did it on her own blog, and be sure to check out her beautiful store on Facebook here.

pots1She created a base coat for her pots with Country Grey Chalk Paint®.

pots2A mixture of Olive, Florence, and some sand and dirt made for the rustic, worn English country look!

pots5The next step was to add washes of Olive, Primer Red, and Provence in a “drip”-like pattern.

pots6The final before and after! What a great transformation.  Remember, for outdoor pieces, Annie Sloan Soft Wax is not required.


What do you think of Shani’s pieces? Would you try this in your own garden? Let us know below!



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