Abigail & Ryan Bell’s Succulent Chaise Lounge

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Abigail and Ryan Bell, a husband and wife design duo based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, specialize in bold, hand-illustrated florals. For their first project as Painters in Residence, Abigail and Ryan Bell used Chalk Paint® to cover an old Victorian chaise lounge in hand painted succulents.
To learn more about the colors and techniques they used to create this amazing piece, and to read more about Abigail and Ryan, head over to Annie’s blog, Annie Sloan Paint and Colour.

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Repost: Introducing Painter in Residence Karen Donnelly

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This blog post can originally be found on Annie’s personal blog, Annie Sloan Paint and Colour.

“I’m an artist who loves to paint. My mother and my grandmother were both artists so I grew up with a lot of creative encouragement. I had the support of my family to go to Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA and received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art).

I believe art-wise you have to work on projects that make you happy and not be afraid to fail. Layout, colour and design are very important for a successful painting as far as I’m concerned, but I do love to dive in and not contemplate the plan too much. I don’t strive for perfection.

And Annie’s paint? 

I feel Annie is a wise person and has a fun sense of humor. I feel I connect with her as a person (she has a positive, creative vibe) and I appreciate her sharing and inspiring others. I also respect her as a talented artist: she has a lot of knowledge especially in use of many different mediums, color mixing and color theory. Annie knows that there are many ways to create and design and helps her students find their ‘own’ design style or look.

My sister Patty [Seaman] and I were working together doing fine plaster wall finishes and furniture painting. We tried Chalk Paint® and loved it! Patty became a Stockist (one of the original Annie Sloan Stockists at Classic Wall Finishes located in Central New Jersey!) and I helped Patty with her business, doing instructing and commissions (at Patty’s new shop, Paint Passion, a beautiful furniture store and design store located in Red Bank, NJ).

What you’ll see from me

I love creating original oil and water colour paintings, so using Chalk Paint® I am going to incorporate my landscapes, seascapes and florals into pieces of furniture. I feel that the hardest part is going to be finding a piece that lends itself to this type of painting.”

Here’s a glimpse of projects to come from Karen…

Karen Donnelly Montage

Yours, Annie


Follow Annie’s blog and The Palette for exclusive pictures from Karen’s residency and follow her on Facebook.

And remember to follow #PaintersInResidence on Instagram and Facebook, as well as Annie’s Painters in Residence board on Pinterest.

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Leopard-Print Table

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Perhaps one of the best things about our stockists is how truly talented they are! Aside from being wonderful Annie Sloan brand ambassadors, they are all unique and gifted in their own way, bringing their unique creativity to each of their artistic endeavors. Mary Graham Eagle White, a stockist in Stow, Ohio, recently showed us a leopard-print table she custom painted for a client, by hand!! This piece truly shows the artistry of our stockists, and how talented they are, and we are so excited to share it with you.



The desk originally had a white factory finish. Mary began by putting a mid-tone Orange mix as her base.  She then followed this base with a lighter, creamy tone, which she dry brushed on top.

10355797_10205864008310138_8269874275579182944_nThe spots were done in a brown mix (Graphite & Barcelona Orange, with a touch of Olive & Cream Chalk Paint®).  She then outlined the spots with Graphite, creating the Leopard spots!


When the spots were dry, Mary sanded each individual spot in one direction to create a fur-like texture. She then finished the piece with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark Wax.


What do you think? Would you be willing to try leopard print on your furniture? Let us know below!

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