Video Tutorial Series: How to Create the Perfect Mid-Century Modern Look

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Head on over to the Annie Sloan YouTube channel to see Annie’s latest three part video tutorial series on how to create the perfect mid-century modern look!

Below you will find Part 1: Choosing your colour. You can click through at the end of each video to view the next part in the series.


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Chalk Paint® Comes to the East Village!

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Stockists Azie + Travis Shelhorse recently opened a second location of their shop, {verdigreen}, in Manhattan’s East Village! Sarah Lustberg, UNFOLDED’s new Digital Marketing Coordinator, caught up with Azie to talk about the store’s grand opening on Friday, April 17.

Chalk Paint® Comes to the East Village! - The Palette

What is your role?

My husband, Travis, & I are partners in life & shop-keepin’ + we rotate between our two locations.

How would you describe your style?

Our original shop [in Montclair, New Jersey] is Vintage Bohemian, which is more my aesthetic – so it was fun for Travis to develop our NYC location in his style: Urban Industrial Retro.

Chalk Paint® Comes to the East Village! - The Palette

Why Manhattan?

Travis is a New Yorker and we live 12 miles west of Manhattan so it was our dream to open up a shop in the City. He left his career in finance so we could pursue our passion together + here we are! We feel there’s so much room for growth in Manhattan with the Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan brand + are excited to be a part of it.

What is your favorite thing about Chalk Paint®?

That’s tricky. I have many favorites. It’s wonderfully transformative and I am all about the metamorphosis, so that’s what particularly excites me about each project. I love the velvety quality of the finish once the paint is dry + the wax is applied. I love how I can decide to paint a forgotten frame and moments later have a completed pretty thing. I began using Chalk Paint® after my boys were born + have loved using a non-toxic product I can trust within our home.

What is your favorite Chalk Paint® project that you’ve worked on?

[That] would have to be my Mid Century sofa. The vanilla Naugahyde had horribly aged + I decided to paint the fabric with a custom coral (Emperor’s Silk, Burgundy, English Yellow, Barcelona Orange, + Pure) + it’s such a show stopper! Plus, after the wax was applied, it became soft + supple + it has held up to several kids’ parties + workshops.

Chalk Paint® Comes to the East Village! - The Palette

What is your favorite color of Chalk Paint® and why?

I love the richness of Napoleonic Blue, the versatility of Florence, and the depth of Graphite. My favorite color changes depending on whatever I’m using at the moment!

Chalk Paint® Comes to the East Village! - The Palette


Be sure to check out {verdigreen} across the web!

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箸 (Chopsticks)

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Chopsticks - The Palette

The next time you’re planning to have a few friends over for sushi, you can dress up your table with chopsticks that have that special gilded touch.

Chopsticks - The Palette

We started with some ordinary bamboo chopsticks, but they just didn’t have the “wow” factor we were looking for. So we turned to a sample pot of Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and some Gold Size, metal leaf, and Soft Wax to work a bit of magic.

Chopsticks - The Palette

We first applied two coats of Graphite with a small artist brush. Once that was dry, we used safe release painters’ tape to mask off the end of each stick. One very thin but complete coat of Gold Size was brushed on the masked-off area and allowed to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Next we applied imitation gold leaf over the now sticky size and smoothed it out with a soft cloth. Metal leaf comes in small sheets and is easy to find at your local craft store. Two sheets were enough to do eights sets of chopsticks.

Finally, we sealed the chopsticks with a thin coat of wax with brought out the rich deep color of the Graphite. Annie Sloan Soft Wax is food safe after a short curing period of 4 to 6 weeks, making it ideal for protecting our chopsticks. Don’t put them in the dishwasher though; just wipe them clean with some mild soap and warm water.

Chopsticks - The Palette

We think you’ll agree that our beautiful gilded chopsticks added the perfect touch to our dinner table.

To learn more about working with Gold Size and metal leaf, pick up a copy of Quick and Easy Paint Transformations or Colour Recipes for Furniture and More by Annie Sloan. These books are available from your nearest Annie Sloan Stockist.

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